Eddie & Ethan Measure Up

You may have heard the phrase ‘Carpentry creates a feeling of family’ and we’ve done exactly that at The Secret Drawer. We wanted to add to our team of skilled cabinetmakers recently and there’s no denying that finding quality artisans who measure up to The Secret Drawer standards is a very difficult task. We were delighted when Eddie Kruk, one of our cabinetmakers said he thought his son would enjoy working at The Secret Drawer. Fortunately, Ethan not only measured up to our impeccable standards, but he also felt that we measured up to his!

He said ‘I really like the idea that I get to work on one project at a time. I can take full responsibility for making beautiful furniture and taking the time and care to get everything spot on. I get on well with my dad and I am thoroughly enjoying having my workbench next to his. We do like having our tea breaks together!”