Kitchen Curve Appeal

One top tip from interior designers is to fill your home with handmade details. Add this to the big trend of the moment, curves, and you will not only give an instant update to your kitchen but also add tons of personality to the usually ‘square’ kitchen! We’ve been curving up our islands for years now and this trend is not going anywhere as once people find out about ‘curve appeal’ there’s no going back to boring old straight shapes. It’s also a great use of space and just seems to bring families together in a much more relaxed and less formal way than the traditional square kitchen dining table. Curves are created in our workshop by gluing and bending thin, bendy pieces of wood (laminating) over a former or mould to create the required shape. Sometimes we use a brick method whereby we build up layers of curved, wooden bricks to create the shape then veneer the shape.  Curves can be challenging to make but ultimately the process and result is very rewarding for the cabinetmaker and client.