Luxe Laundry

Anyone can make a bedroom look glamorous, but what about the forgotten spaces, the utilitarian areas of the home that you spend a lot of time in but feel decidedly uninspiring? Now’s the time to do a luxury make-over to laundries, basements and neglected nooks and crannies in the home. This is a major trend for 2022, the laundry has become a luxe space in the home. From handcrafted laundry bins to beautifully appointed taps, and carefully selected tiles that are as glamorous as any other part of the home – say hello to the Luxe Laundry. Space allowing, we like to present appliances at mid height which is great for saving knees. Separate and carved pull outs mean that whites and coloured clothing need never get missed up again.

Handcrafted and beautifully appointed utility room